What We Do

We work with brands to improve margins, reduce overhead, and accelerate turnarounds. Offering total private label production from start to finish, our technical expertise and extensive knowledge of fabric and manufacturing processes allow us to fit your specific needs. Our designers and Product development team work closely with each client to provide quick support and deliver intelligent solutions that save them time and cost. We understand that different customers have different needs. That’s why our production services are scalable, so that we may provide you with the precise combination of global production solutions you need most.

Product Development

We love growing companies. It is our favourite part of what we do and we are here to help you grow in any way we can. We’ll talk through your whole creative vision, taking what’s in your head and getting it down on paper. Some clients think of this as “product therapy.” We always keep a close eye on all the latest trends in the local and international markets and work very closely with our clients in developing new products and improving the existing ones. Market intelligence is always a key factor in our business.


Utilising our in-house production systems, we handle all garment production domestically, from initial design & sketch-ups to re-sizings to mass retail production. Besides our production facilities, our extensive manufacturing network allows us to accept more significant projects and cater to more clothing companies. We have the capacity and skills to handle the requirements of high-end fashion labels, from the intricacy of their designs or the volume of garments they need. We guarantee first-rate and low-cost production and shipment for all private-label produced garments.


According to specific customer requirements in terms of quality, quantity, price, speed, and flexibility, we offer different possibilities and alternatives from the most suitable manufacturers. Access to an established network of manufacturers in continuous review and update is one of our most important competencies. This database allows us to find quickly and efficiently the best match for our client’s production needs.

Quality Control

We at A&J Impex believe in high-quality and exceptional customer services that help to build up an effective relationship. Our QA teams continuously monitor products at all stages to deliver the quality that our clients demand.


Our dedicated and experienced documentation teams follow the entire document flow (proforma invoice, letters of credit, shipping documents, certificates, etc.) with complete transparency while ensuring compliance, confidentiality and security.

Shipping & Delivery

We constantly search for the best shipping options in terms of cost and speed for air shipments, sea shipments and truck shipments. From the point of leaving the factories till it gets to you, we scrupulously monitor every shipment.


We offer the best prices in terms of quality, speed and flexibility. Our services are highly competitive thanks to our intelligent & efficient production systems, our dynamic staff and the total volumes we generate in a year.